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Python with Artificial Intelligence

Python is a simple-to-find, powerful programming language. Artificial intelligence using python dives into its basics using an approachable programming language. The use of python helps in reducing the complexity and helps in the quick implementation of statistical and mathematical concepts. Python can be used for data analysis tasks or for integrating the statistical and mathematical codes into the production database. There are several in-built packages and libraries available in python for basic data analysis in the subject of artificial intelligence. Python has multiple packages for almost anything.

  • AI and Machine Learning, MACHINE LEARNING
  • Basics of machine learning Supervised learning: Regression models
  • Supervised learning: Classification models
  • Neural networks
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Relation between artificial intelligence,machine learning and deep learning


    • History behind Nueral Network
    • Architecture of Artificial Nueral Network
    • Types of Activation Functions

    • Softmax Function
    • Forward Propogation
    • Back Propogation and Gradient Descent

    • Loss Function
    • Perceptron And Working Mechanism